Why I am voting yes

In times like these when every service to the poorest among us is being cut and local charities are stretched to the limits, it's vital that Measure 101 is passed. We need to protect health care for those who work multiple jobs just to provide the essentials — food and shelter — for their families.

Health care is too important to ignore, especially for the 400,000 kids in Oregon whose parents need help with coverage. Please make sure to vote yes on Measure 101 this January.

Rebecca Hawkins


Golden is running

Yay! Jeff Golden is running for the District 3 State Senate seat which encompasses Medford and all of southern Jackson County.

Jeff has been working for a healthy and sustainable Rogue Valley for 45 years. His top three priorities are: climate, health care and economic fairness — needed now more than ever considering the new federal tax law. His political career includes service as a Jackson County commissioner, chief of staff to the Oregon Senate president and environmental policy aide to the city of Portland.

Jeff is rejecting corporate contributions and relying on grassroots contributions, and his motto is: “I will listen carefully and receptively to what you have to say. Always.” I wholeheartedly support and endorse Jeff Golden for State Senate and ask you to do the same. Learn more about this exceptionally well qualified candidate at www.GoldenforSenate.com.

David Lane