Figures don't make sense

With regard to the seeming controversy over the Ashland Senior Center's status, I cannot wrap my brain around the figures stated by the Parks and Recreation Commission and paid staff to daily operate the center and the need to charge seniors for the use of the building for their social, physical, medical and recreational uses.

I for one frequent the center at least four times a week for activities in addition to taking advantage of the noon lunches one to three times a week, mostly to enjoy the company and not eating alone. If I cook for myself, I tend to overeat and am faced with leftovers to deal with.

On Fridays I usually enjoy the movie provided and while I do these things, others are getting computer help, foot care, line dancing, mah jongg, somatics, and a very active senior discussion group called Options and Solutions. Many of the seniors are unable to drive or walk to take advantage of these activities and have had to arrange for transportation aid. For them to meet elsewhere and be able then to get to the lunches would handicap them or even cut them off entirely.

If finances are the reason for closing or limiting these offerings, why is there a proposal to build an Olympic standard swimming pool mainly for adult competitor swimmers at the cost of over a million dollars? It looks to me like a huge fundraising effort and response from corporations or other entities to realize such a large investment.

I consider myself an educated, thinking person but I can't get my brain around this whole matter.

Perhaps I am really not educated or thinking.

Mitzi Loftus