Thanks for Advent Faire

I am touched and blessed by the First Presbyterian Church's Calvin Hall and the Rev. Dan Fowler for the lovely afternoon my elderly mother and I spent at their Advent Faire on a recent Sunday.

We were treated to a festive afternoon of activities, and tables were full of wreaths and centerpieces, greens and ribbons galore. The volunteers were so friendly and made us feel welcomed; each parishioner visited my mother, who is in a wheelchair, making her feel valued and important. Her favorite activity was learning how to make a cake in a mug. Making hers was the first thing she did when she got home.

The bottomless bowls of homemade soup, bread and cookies rounded out our afternoon. There aren’t many places one can go for a whole afternoon of fun and festivities for $5 each and come home with swags and table-top greens for two households. What a pleasant way to start the Christmas season.

LaVerne Van Horn


10x20 now

The challenge of climate change is upon us all. We need to reduce our carbon footprint quickly and efficiently now — not tomorrow, not next year, but now! I therefore support “10x20” (a move to have 10 percent renewable energy by the year 2020) which means the city of Ashland should support this concept since it is a modest goal with a positive impact.

I am asking city government to secure the proper zoning for the Imperatrice property, which is within the county. This will help to move along the process for implementation of 10x20.

The city also needs to identify and secure the rights of way in the county and across Interstate 5 in order to transmit power from the Imperatrice site to Ashland. Substations and a distribution system need to be identified. The terms of the contract with the Bonneville Power Administration need to be resolved along with the necessary incurred costs.

Remember, renewable is sustainable, and that should be our overall goal in order to have a future.

Rochelle Newman