Naming the homeless

On the cover of Thursday’s Daily Tidings we see a homeless man walking in downtown Ashland. So says the caption. On page A3 we see "a band of travelers" hanging out in Ashland. There are no names attached to these faces.

On page A5 we see a woman sitting in an ornate chair with her dog by her side. Both of their names are mentioned, as is customary.

I believe it would go a long way in affording the homeless a bit of dignity, and reminding readers that Homeless is not someone's name, nor is it their story, if those who take the photos took the time to ask their name, where they came from, and perhaps how they became homeless.

Let’s put real names to the faces of these real people and advance our understanding and our compassion. It’s a good place to start.

Susan K. Berry


Marijuana site unacceptable

The Plexis/Oak Street Tank and Steel building sits at the busy intersection of Oak and A streets, near a railroad crossing, is only three blocks from the downtown Plaza and definitely is not an acceptable location for a marijuana grow!

Betty Jo Reynolds