Making China great again

Last week House Republicans, including our own Greg Walden, passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with almost no debate on the House floor and not a single public hearing. Six trillion dollars on the table, and they'd rather not talk about it.

Why the hush and rush? New York Republican Chris Collins at least had the decency to be honest: "My donors are basically saying get it done or don’t ever call me again." Well golly, at least they had a good reason.

This is not a partisan issue; it's a question of good governance, which both Republicans and Democrats and have a right to expect from our leaders. A bill that will shape our economy and health care system for the next ten years, sneaking through without ten seconds of legislative hearings? I've been rummaging through my thesaurus, trying to be nice, but the word "cowardly" just keeps popping up.

Still, Paul Ryan & Co. managed to make somebody happy. The Chinese state news agency Xinhua issued a press release not long ago, under the banner "Enlightened Chinese Democracy Puts the West in the Shade." It praised China’s example of stable rule and slammed the "chaos" swamping Western liberal democracies with their "political backbiting, bickering and policy reversals."

"Under the leadership of a sober-minded, forward-looking CCP, Chinese-style democracy has never been healthier," it said, "and China has absolutely no need to import the failing party political systems of other countries." The secretive way Ryan's party is ramming these epochal tax reforms through Congress is a perfect case in point, and no doubt Xinhua will find it useful in putting China's anti-democratic case to the world.

House Republicans: On behalf of General Secretary Xi, I want to thank you for doing your part to help Make China Great Again.

David Drury