Climate of contempt

In today’s climate of escalating contempt for the common man and woman by powerful officials, one wonders what might be going on in Ashland. The all male Parks and Recreation commissioners are under scrutiny. Raised voices of those they purport to serve go unheeded in the most arrogant of ways.

A huge private residence is going up across the street from Lithia Park, right next to the ice rink. One wonders how that happened.

A private citizen was aided by Parks and Recreation in storing her house on park land while she builds a new one, ostensibly because it is historic, though by the look of the roof, it has been left to decay. Save an old house because it is old but dismantle the Senior Program?

It is shameful what was done to the Senior Program. And who are these "consultants" we so often hear of? Who knows who is my question. Are palms are being greased and backs slapped behind closed doors, with taxpayers money? Shameful.

S. Berry


Hooray to Rothschild

Hooray, Herb Rothschild.

Please ask/invite Mr. Rothschild to write more, expand more on his ideas for how we should go forward domestically and globally and locally. I would like very much to hear more from him especially about redefining individual success, public policies that give everyone a chance to succeed and how to apply his ideas politically.

Peggy Byrnes