Thanks for column

Thank you for publishing Froma Harrop’s brilliant commentary on what’s at stake if we open up more pristine Arctic wilderness to oil exploration and drilling.

It is inexcusable to sacrifice everything that is good about this country for a “mess of pottage,” for oil we don’t need, that’s not even economically profitable, will pollute the planet, will accelerate climate change and ensure the destruction of breeding grounds for migrating birds and iconic mammals. Hypothetical leasing fees (less than $1 billion) are proposed to help offset the $1.5 trillion tax cuts for the rich, which will create a massive debt that the U.S. may never recover from. In the meantime, infrastructure will continue to crumble, forests will burn, education will suffer and quality of life globally will worsen.

If the richest country in the world cannot tax itself moderately and support science-based efforts to slow climate change, then we have failed as a nation.

Why are there no voices of the rich, speaking up about the need to give back to the country that has enabled them to become so extremely successful? The current mood in Congress seems to be “I’ve got mine, and I want even more for golf, private jets and gold bathroom fixtures." The rest of us, and the plants and animals, clean air and water of the world, will be forever harmed.

Bonnie Johnson


Cartoon one-sided

I found the cartoon on Friday, Nov. 10, very one-sided. Maybe you can move to a balanced approach, two cartoons side by side, with opposing views?

Maybe that's too much to ask, given the majority of your readers' political stance, but if your aim is propaganda then just keep it up. Always nice to hug each other and remind ourselves how wonderful we are and how deplorable the rest are.

Robert Schaaf