Save daylight all year

Dear whoever is in charge of that big clock,

We read a bazillion letters with all kinds of huge advice about a million zillion things.


For the love of God! Why do we set the clock back an hour! Yes, I totally get it: Benjamin Franklin was brilliant and he was saving John Deere and my Amish relatives and a bunch of other farmers an hour of morning light. This is all shamelessly wrong.


Because now the real world has kids after school in sports running in the dark! People who work out and bike and walk their dogs — and lives will be lost because of that added darkness.

Please advise them to keep daylight savings all year round. Save billions.

Grudgingly setting back an hour for no reason,

Tom Frantz


Pay equity

Here's good news for working women in Oregon. In May 2015, the Legislature voted that people can discuss others' salaries without reprisals, the first step toward pay equity. In 2017, the legislature voted that as of January 2019, women will finally get the same pay as men for equivalent work. Also, discrimination will be forbidden by employers in Oregon due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability, and age in hiring in Oregon. It's about time.

Mary R. Wooding