Perturbed by City Hall report

As a close observer of City Hall siting discussions, I am perturbed about the City Hall Committee's final report as described by Interim City Administrator Karnes in his Oct. 17 report to the City Council. His report appears to present the three site options as equal because he omits the committee's numerical vote statistic.

Eight of the 11 committee members voted to have City Hall remain on its current Plaza site. Briscoe School got one vote, and the East Main Civic Center/Police Station got two votes. The committee's votes indicate a clear 8/11ths majority, the same choice as when a similar study was done about 20 years ago! Realistically, more “studies” won't change the outcome in spite of strong minority preferences.

Therefore, the current $100,000 budgeted architectural study of all three sites is a waste of taxpayers' money. The two minority sites do not warrant further study expenditures, and the existing site already has had several studies. Criteria and priority lists exist. Note: the argument regarding scarce parking at the Plaza site is at odds with our often repeated lauding of pedestrian and bicycle transportation. Let's now move forward with the winning option which is also the least costly! Let's select an architectural firm, perhaps by competition, to provide our city with a safe, efficiently organized work space where citizens can be easily accommodated, and that visually enhances our thriving Plaza businesses.

Marilyn Briggs