Enough is enough

This year, Ringling Brothers Circuses shut their doors for good. The public said “enough is enough” to using and abusing wild animals for entertainment.

Here in the Rogue Valley, we need to raise our voices, close our wallets, and make sure the Hallah Shriners Circus hears the same message.

Please speak loud and clear by boycotting the circus.

It’s time to stop hauling intelligent, social wild animals around the country in sweltering or freezing weather, depriving them of their most basic instincts. These animals are not allowed to form family units, forage for food or even walk freely. Many are kept chained and/or caged while not performing.

The well-documented training methods are abusive and based on fear and intimidation. Bullhooks with sharp, knife-like edges are used to inflict pain on the sensitive parts of an elephant’s body in order to make them do unnatural tricks like standing on their hind legs or twirling around in circles. Whips are generally used to intimidate tigers into jumping through hoops.

The Jordan Family Circus (who the Shriners lease for their shows) has been cited numerous times for animal welfare violations, including waiting a month to seek treatment for a malnourished tiger with a broken leg. They also repeatedly left tigers and lions in small travel cages for up to 11 days without exercise.

As Maya Angelou said: “When you know better, you do better.”

We now know better. Let’s all do better and boycott the circus.

Enough is enough.

Janis Rosenthal