City needs Briscoe

I have been reading of the plans to sell Briscoe School and I want to voice my opinion that this is a very big mistake.


The city of Ashland needs either to purchase or lease from the Ashland School District this very important piece of real estate.

We have been told that Pioneer Hall will not be safe for use if we have a heavy, wet snowstorm. If unusable, then where are the homeless to go for shelter from the storm and be safe and warm through the cold night?

There is talk of tearing down City Hall and rebuilding it to current safety regulations and to be more convenient and comfortable for the mayor and his/her staff. They can be adequately and comfortably located in Briscoe School during that rebuilding. Where else can the city provide emergency shelter, food and counseling during disasters/emergencies? Remember the problems of the hurricane, flood and fire victims of the recent disasters striking our country in the past few weeks.

At present time the playground area is used daily by families living in this area. It is an easy walk from their homes in contrast to a long walk or drive to Lithia Park.

I am urging the city to ensure that this valuable asset will be available when needed by the city, or to be leased out for short-time programs or exhibits. It will be a useful part of city functions for many years to come.

Alberta D. Apenes


Such a deal

Feeling frustrated? I have a deal for you.

Oregon is phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2030, has passed a law to become coal-free with utilities supplying 50 percent of the state's electricity from renewable sources by 2040. Not sufficient, right?

But here comes the February 2018 legislative short session when Oregon can push us even further in our goal towards reducing the state’s climate pollution by passing the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

This bill imposes a cap on climate pollution including but not limited to carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and various fluorocarbons resulting from in-state activities (industry, agriculture, transportation, electricity) and electricity generated elsewhere. So, here’s the deal — and it’s important: Support this bill.

It will help economically distressed areas such as rural Southern Oregon with funds for diversification, job training and mental health services. Who isn’t on board? Sen. Alan DeBoer! We should be able to depend on our senator. Didn’t he campaign on a promise to support his constituents?

“The deal” — to alleviate your frustration, call the senator or send an email and urge him to support efforts to reduce Oregon’s climate pollution, if for no other reason than protecting the future for his children and grandchildren.

Louise Shawkat


Support Grizzly soccer

This Friday evening (Oct. 20) at 6:30 p.m., our Ashland Grizzly boys soccer team will be playing for the league championship at the AHS stadium.

I encourage you to come and watch this amazing group of young men play what has been called “the beautiful game.” The way that these guys play together is indeed beautiful. Many of them have been playing together for years and have reached a pinnacle of teamwork that is awesome to watch.

Even if you haven’t come to watch much soccer, I encourage you to give these guys your support. They have earned it in a big way and you will be entertained and inspired to watch a well-oiled machine in action! The girl's varsity soccer team is also achieving great things this year so look for them in the upcoming playoffs. Kudos to all the boys and their coaches.

Paul Giancarlo