Destroying Obamacare

Fearing Obamacare may not fail, as they have long predicted, the Republicans and their president have decided to destroy it. Trump has signed an executive order reneging on $7 billion in annual subsidies that allow millions of low-income Americans to afford health insurance. In anticipation of this callous action, many insurance companies have already raised rates.

Standing next to Trump, giggling at his jokes as he signed, was Congressman Greg Walden. Finding the humor in leaving many of his constituents in danger of losing their health care escapes me. Sadly, this is not the first time Walden has attempted to deny people affordable health care. Fortunately, other members of Congress had the wisdom to defeat his previous efforts.

In an earlier time, Walden might have said let them eat cake. Now it's, "You're sick, you're poor ... who cares!"

Ron Mogel


As the world burns

As the world gets hotter and hotter, moisture in the ground and plants evaporates, leaving a dried out earth susceptible to fires in new and invasive areas, not just in the forests. Even treeless Greenland now burns. And most recently, Sonoma! Note that large-scale evaporation changes the global climatic patterns resulting in more destructive storms, deluges and droughts. In fact, each year global warming-induced changes become more noticeable — and costly.

Meanwhile our ignorant and deranged president refuses to deal with the reality of global warming and its costly floods, droughts, storms and fires that are bringing ruin to America and the world. Like the proverbial ostrich, he runs and hides his head in a golf course sand dune or shouts threats to foreign leaders and TV personalities. But it isn’t funny. Trump and the GOP's acquiescing acolytes are a deadly danger to life on earth by their refusal to understand the science, and by stupidly pouring more fossil fuel on the fires.

Our own DeBoer should be leading the charge to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in Oregon and not be afraid to speak truth to fossil fuel power. But I'm afraid Walden has already sold his soul.

Lee Lull