State of the system

Last month, two researchers published a report on the state of competition in U.S. politics. The report, sponsored by Harvard Business School, is a clear-eyed assessment of the sorry state of politics in America.

Their conclusion is that our duopolistic political system, dominated by Republicans and Democrats, exists to serve the system itself — not “we the people.” Of course, anyone who’s paying attention understands this on some level, but the report does an excellent job of explaining how that has come to pass, and what we can do about it. I think it should be required reading in every high school.

I want to urge anyone who cares about bringing back real democracy to the United States to read the report, titled “Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America.” You can find it online here:

Paula Musich


Article was a distortion

Boo on the Akins article of Oct. 2 about the Bollyn truth presentation.

The article was typical gross distortion, false demonizing and simplistic labeling. I was in the room when reporter Julie Akins was interviewing Christopher Bollyn for the article. Many of the accusations lobbed there were addressed, many specific details explained — but none made it in. Not surprising, over-reactionaryism and highly spun hit pieces are common when Israel is implicated, but not acceptable for intelligent journalism.

Many in the audience were supportive, asserted themselves against rude disruptors and encouraged the speaker. They understood the power of truth when they heard it. They also knew nothing about it was "anti-Semitic," "Nazi" or "hate speech." It was good research and knowledge we all need to have to save our country from wars not in our interest and future bankruptcy. I have heard hate speech from protesters and in the article, but none from Bollyn or the organizers.

No one should be denounced, criticized or even investigated based solely on their race/religion. That would be racism and discrimination. Likewise, no one should be exempt from denunciation, criticism or even investigation, based solely on their race/religion. That would be protectionism and supremacism.

Gregg Marchese