Truth is not hate

I am happy to see that the Tidings covered Christopher Bollyn's presentation at the Ashland library last Sunday evening.

It is understandable — given the near universal hysteria surrounding anything contradicting what we have been told to accept as unquestionably true — that the reporter was not capable of hearing or reporting what Mr. Bollyn actually said.

There is a war being waged for our minds, and it would seem that anyone who dares to open their mind, to even consider possibilities at odds with the politically correct, stands alone on the losing side of this battle.

Those few of us who would resist this indoctrination are invariably labeled as haters or bigots, as fools and madmen, simply because we hold the truth, the search for truth, more precious than the approval of our neighbors.

Truth is not hate. Truth is liberation. My deepest and most sincere prayer, to the most high God of all people, is that we will someday learn to live in peace and brotherhood, learn that this begins with realizing we are trapped in a spell, and summoning the resolve to become free.

Randy Dolinger