Hate speech at the library?

I was totally shocked by our library system giving a legitimate forum for a noted anti-Semitic speaker and Holocaust denier at both the Medford and Ashland branches, allowing this hate speech and alternate history lies to have a forum like this. I am sure that their response will be "freedom of speech" prevents them from rejecting a use like this.

But, along the same lines, what if the next person is from the KKK, who says that "no blacks were ever lynched by the KKK," and that "blacks are the cause of all problems in the country, responsible for all crime." I guess they would rent to someone like that as well, as the money from the rental is their main concern, not the content of the hate speech being said?

Either that or the for-profit company that currently runs our public library system is owned by anti-Semitic white supremacists? I do believe that for our library system to promote hate speech like this is so totally disgusting, and without any legitimate excuse. Personally it might be preferred for the library to shut down than to be used as a "legitimate" forum for hate speech like this.

Glenn Hill


Don't destroy resources

No nation exists to destroy world resources to the point of human extinction!

Kent Clair Chamberlain