Do the math

Our current administration values bottom lines. So do I. I would so appreciate knowing the bottom lines of each of our shooting massacres: just the bottom lines of hospital, aftercare, medications and loss of income costs, please. (Other costs are incalculable.) We need to do the math. Can we afford the luxury of the second  amendment as currently interpreted?

These tallies would not include the emotional costs to the families and communities of those killed and wounded. Nor would such tallies include the costs of respect for our nation around the world.

With money costs totaled and on the table, can we proceed to a civil, respectful, adult conversation about the affordability of what we are doing? Might we even proceed to considering how we wish to be perceived among the nations?

When I lived in Brazil, a friend told me she would be afraid too visit the United States because of the gun violence here. These issues matter.

We need to do the math!

Elizabeth R. Hallett


Why go to Puerto Rico?

What possible need was there for him to make that trip? He can view footage day and night on TV, just like the rest of us, and get an up-close view of the horrible devastation and need for help. In addition to the substantial cost of running him down there in Air Force One, are we going to foot the bill for him to traipse around in a helicopter for an afternoon where he has arrived way too late for the party?

Perhaps he could strip the luxury seats out of one of his 757s and send food, truck drivers and supplies to the island. Unfortunately, his main purpose for the trip is to regurgitate another of his insipid speeches about how pleased the people of Puerto Rico are with his relief efforts. Who do we have to thank for this kind of leadership?

Paul Nylund