Concerned about senior center

I am a concerned senior, Ashland resident, property owner, taxpayer, voter and Senior Center user.

I am 93 years old.. I feel that I have paid my dues during my younger years and would like, peacefully and without upset, to spend my fun time at the Ashland Senior Center. Most of you are aware that we seniors dislike change and are almost afraid to go to new places. Those of you that are not aware of this fact will find it to be true in a shorter time than you can possibly imagine.

A while back we were suddenly told there were going to be changes in our Senior Center. The Parks Commission was making these changes. Though they said that there would be no changes, I have seen minor setbacks and deviations during this period that was to be without changes. This is very upsetting to us seniors.

Prior to the current fiasco, there was one full-time and four-part time people working at the Ashland Senior Center on the city payroll. That, I assume, is how the Parks Commission came up with the 1.73 people that were on the payroll. During the past 15 years plus that I have enjoyed the Senior Center, these few people provided us with fantastic varied enjoyments that we were all very pleased to attend and make use of.

Regarding the 1.7 people that were on the payroll and let go: From the plaudits I have heard and read about the fantastic job they were doing, I wonder, what kind of message does this say about the Parks Commission way of managing their subordinates. Do a great job and we will reward you by firing you?

The Parks Commission has now hired two part-time employees to work till January at the Senior Center and has their own supervisors fill in as needed.

In my youth I learned an expression that has stuck with me: “If it ain't busted, don’t fix it.”

Earl Haveman