Who needs Broadway?

A friend suggested we go to the Craterian Theater to see the Next Stage Repertory Company’s “Next to Normal.” Having not previously heard of the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning musical or The Next Stage Rep, we decided to go mainly to enjoy an evening with friends.

We weren’t prepared for the level of professionalism, the fabulous voices and emotional impact delivered by the play and its performers. This production delivers profoundly. The audience jumped to its feet at the end with shouts and enthusiastic applause.

Judging from the available seating, it should be no problem getting a ticket for the final two performances on Sept. 29 and 30. If you like musicals and want to be riveted to your seat, go see "Next to Normal."

Claudia Little


Exxon misled public

In August, an extensive Harvard study found that Exxon-Mobil deliberately misled the public about the risks of climate change. That study confirmed findings of independent investigators in 2015. Exxon did climate change research in the 1980s, then turned around and manufactured doubt about their own findings concerning climate change dangers.

In 1990, a Mobil ad said, “We just don’t have this information today [about what it is that affects global warming].” Not only did science have that information, but Exxon-Mobil’s own scientists did.

Although Exxon recently acknowledged climate science and its implications, it continues to push for drilling. So Exxon says one thing and then does the opposite.

Our secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was an executive at Exxon from 1990, becoming chairman and CEO in 2006, according to EcoWatch.

Ken Deveney