Stop speeding

To the driver of the fancy white Prius at 7:40 a.m., Sept. 20:

You appeared startled when I “brake checked” you as you approached to less than half a vehicle length of my rear bumper as I prepared to turn left from Siskiyou onto Beach. I remind you that you were not only tailgating, you were speeding in a school  zone.

Side note to Ashland police: that speeding in the Ashland High school zone happens a lot in the mornings.

David Hagie


Shelter dogs need surgery

I am a Friends of the Animal Shelter volunteer sharing information I hope our community of animal-loving friends will be able to help with. Jackson County Animal Services recently received two very sweet, young dogs who both need leg amputations due to serious injury. Their names are Champ and Lily. In limited space, let me tell you about just one, Champ, to give you an idea of the help needed.

Champ was a stray who just arrived at the shelter on Sept. 18. He’s probably just under a year old and a flat coat retriever mix. We aren’t sure about how Champ’s leg became mangled, but I hope people can help provide this gentle guy the help he needs (and Lily, too!). Surgery is expensive, and with two dogs needing the $900-plus amputation, the shelter and I are reaching out to the public for donations. If you are able to donate, please contact the shelter by phone (541-774-6654) or by mail or in person. Every dollar will help.

Claire Krulikowski