It wasn't just smoke

Don’t be in denial about the genetic impact of  family heart disease!

I respect John Hacker, and applaud his healthy lifestyle.  It’s probable that his conditioning saved his life.

However, I disagree with his view that the smoke and heat were the only cause of his heart attack. With his strong family history he probably already had significant, silent heart disease. Younger men who are 40-60 years of age and have a strong history of early heart disease in their family need to be consulting a physician and may need stronger treatment than just lifestyle changes!

David Teegarden, M.D.


We have been warned

Watching the devastation from hurricanes Harvey and Irma makes people wonder why those in the hurricane’s path weren’t better prepared. After all, they were warned of the risk. Reports of $32 for bottled water and long gas lines (or no gas) have all been reported.

But we have also been warned. We know a magnitude 8 or 9 Cascadia earthquake will happen; we just don’t know when. There will be no knock on the door before it arrives.

In the past 10,000 years there have been 41 such earthquakes. They average every 250 years and 70 percent occur less than 300 years apart. We are now at year 317 since the last big one. For a great documentary on the Cascadia, see Oregon Field Guide: “Unprepared.”

Let’s use Harvey and Irma as our own wake-up call to prepare by storing at least two weeks of food, water and other essentials. For a more complete list, Google local Emergency Management, the Red Cross or

We don’t want to be in the group where the rest of the country is wondering why we weren’t better prepared. After all, we have been warned.

Lee Mills