Leave senior center alone

I have been a regular participant at the Ashland Senior Center for approximately five years. I have lunch there at least three days out of five every week. In addition to that, I have participated in the foot clinic since January of 2011.

My son and I also attended the AARP Smart Driver course, which was held at the center in July.

What does one get at the Ashland Senior Center? A reasonably priced lunch, pleasant surroundings (the building is not "antiquated"), well-run programs and a continuous flow of interesting people (many who become good friends).

If generating revenue is the issue, what about those untapped grants?

How much was spent to create the Ashland Creek Park at Hersey and Oak? I probably drive by there 10 times a week and I've never seen more than two people there at one time.

I don't want to go to the Grove. Leave things as they are.

The decision to make changes should not be left to a few individuals who serve on a committee. The citizens of Ashland need to vote on the issue.

The Ashland Senior Center should be a separate entity and not under the auspices of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Sharon Spalding, 41-year resident