Londons unfairly implicated

I must admit that I, like I am sure many readers of the recent articles have assumed, have associated the controversy relating to the use of the unofficial parking area at the west end of the TID ditch road on Grandview with the owners of the large brick house which shares the access.

I am glad that Mr. and Mrs. London, owners of that house, spoke up in their recent letter, “It’s not us.” They do not own the property upon which the parking area is located but, instead, also share access by easement. I feel that this fact should have been identified in the articles originally published in the Daily Tidings that have probably contributed to the public perception of who is opposed to the continued use of the parking area. Ill will toward the Londons is misplaced.

For the record, I have lived in the neighborhood below the ditch for 30 years and have utilized the path as a cherished, and level, component of my hillside walking loop. I have not driven to the trail, so use of the disputed parking area is not as important to me as retaining pedestrian access to both ends of the trail.

Scott Rogers