Questioning assertions

I would like to question a few important assertions make by Mike Gardiner in his article "Facts on Ashland Senior Center" published on Aug. 24.

He said that one of the goals of the subcommittee was to "... through gathering of information, gain a greater understanding of the Senior Program and the function it serves for the citizens of Ashland." I was at the Aug. 8 meeting. It appeared to me that none of the people actually involved with the senior center (both volunteers and participants in the center's activities) were asked to be involved in meeting that goal.

Gardiner also said the meeting dates and times were published. I receive regular city meeting information by email. The notice of the meeting on Aug. 9 to finalize the recommendations of the subcommittee arrived in my email at 6:19 p.m. on Aug. 9, one hour and 19 minutes after the meeting started.

It appears to me that this subcommittee may have followed the letter of the law in publishing its meetings but it certainly did not follow the spirit of the law. The people who would be affected the most by changes in the senior center were not encouraged to attend and provide their critical input.

And finally I would like to provide a direct quote from Gardiner from a Channel 10 video on Aug. 8: "... there's other facilities within the county and city that offer social services. We're not particularly a social service organization."

I believe that sums up the finding of the committee and subcommittee.

Christine Ducey