Walden's fundraiser

Why did Rep. Greg Walden host a $2,700-a-plate dinner at the Waverly Country Club in Portland Wednesday with House Speaker Paul Ryan?

Walden complains about Portlanders interfering with "our district" in rural Oregon. Now he goes there to raise campaign money with the Washington insider crowd? He also met VIPs from the nursing home industry for $25,000 apiece.

This private reception and "swanky fundraiser" was reported by the Oregonian, but I didn't see coverage here. Maybe he's hoping we won't notice.

This secretive dinner shows he doesn't care about us, and proves how corrupt he's become. He should hang his head in shame as the primary architect of the botched ObamaCare repeal legislation, but instead he goes to rich Portlanders to plot their next steps to take away our health care. It makes you wonder if he cares more about the health care needs of his low-income district, or getting re-election money from the insurance companies that make profits at our expense.

He may come here for photo ops with vets, but he's really a follow-the-money guy in the pockets of Washington lobbyists. We need a new representative that will really care about this district again!

Anna Beauchamp


Keep the senior center

Bravo to Heidi Gottlieb for her well-expressed letter supporting the need of keeping the senior center and its small paid staff. I have taught tai chi at the Senior Center for 15 years so am fully aware of its importance to the community.

I do have a question. How many times has Michael Black, director of Parks and Recreation, visited the senior center to observe and learn?

Char Hersh