Join Peace Commission

In the aftermath of recent displays of racism, violence, hate and bigotry, Ashland Culture of Peace Commission steps forward to give voice to universal values that serve as a compass and provide guidance when the waves of uncertainty, division and despair threaten us. We must choose, as individuals and as community, to take positive steps to inspire fresh thinking and see through new lenses to fully develop a culture of peace for present and future generations.

The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission (ACPC) is an independent, citizen-based, community-wide movement dedicated to transforming our attitudes, behaviors and institutions into ones that foster harmonious relationships with each other and the natural world. We live by and promote our core values of compassion, accountability, respect and inclusivity in how we engage with the community and how we strive to function as an organization. We hold that equality and human rights as expressed in the founding documents of our country, state and city are fundamental to the human family. Racism, violence, hate and bigotry directly oppose the values we stand for.

Divisive and disruptive passions, fears and emotions have been stirred up. We urge the community to come together in unity to withstand discordant forces. Let’s start with the radical and effective act of listening deeply to each other. Compassionate, nonjudgmental listening (without trying to convince or convert), in and of itself can cause a positive shift in the speaker as well as in the listener.

Let us pause, take a deep breath, choose love, and move forward to put the values of compassion, accountability, respect and inclusivity into action.

We invite you to join with ACPC to co-create Eleven Days for Peace (9/11 – 9/21). Visit our website: Receive the newsletter: Like our Facebook page: AshlandCultureofPeaceCommission. Join our Tuesday discussion groups, 11 a.m.-noon, and visit Wednesday Community Meetings at 4 p.m.

David Wick and the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission