No one is listening

We’re now eight months into this administration. Only 40 to go.

Every week seems to reveal the worst of this pretender to the presidency, but the hits just keep on coming. We already know he’s ceded the leadership of the West to perhaps Angela Merkel. And now it seems he’s ceded the leadership of this country. To whom remains to be seen.

But the simple fact is that Trumplethinskin is now irrelevant. He has no moral compass, no respect for the office he holds, and he therefore must be ostracized and regarded as the pariah he is.

World Series and Super Bowl champs: No more photo-ops! Members of Congress: Do not invite him to the well of the House to deliver a State of the Union Address! Let him do it on television, and maybe the networks should just ignore him as well. Kennedy Center: Do not invite him to your annual awards ceremony!

It’s apparent that the band of sycophants around him won’t invoke the 25th Amendment, so members of Congress, instead of tacitly condoning this reprehensible behavior, show some leadership and ignore him. Pass bipartisan, veto-proof legislation and leave him alone with his Twitter account.

He, along with Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka. can sit in the Oval Office and regale themselves with stories about how they think they’re making America great again. Sorry, fellas, but no one is listening.

Clive Rosengren


Monuments need protection

Millions of comments have been submitted to the U.S. Department of the Interior stating how and why Americans love their national monuments. All 323 million Americans enjoy the benefits of access to millions of acres of shared public lands, from tiny historical sites to millions of acres, such as protecting the seas around a Hawaiian island (Papahanamokukuakea!).

Our country is blessed with these places of great pleasure, beauty and wonder. They now all need our protection, especially the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, so unique for its biological diversity. More than 85 scientists have filed their reports with the Department of the Interior over the decades explaining why we need the expansion to protect species and the natural wonders of the Klamath/Siskiyou/Cascade/Great Basin confluence.

Habitat fragmentation is one of the worst threats, denying plants, birds and animals a safe place to reproduce. The Klamath Bird Observatory ( just wrote a brilliant summary of the whole nonpartisan scientific process that went into determining the proposed expanded Cascade-Siskiyou Monument. I hope everyone will read it, especially Secretary Zinke and Congressman Walden who claim to question, “where's the science?” It is right here on your desk.

Bonnie Johnson


A request for Walden

The article in Tuesday's Tidings (Aug. 16) reminded me of the vast scope of Representative Walden's job. Thanks to Representative Walden for making himself available to us once again. The business community can be grateful.

The article was weak on details regarding his support of conservation and climate change strategies, however. We in the non-business sector go about meeting, asking questions, and seek support for counter action to the climate change we face. We ask Representative Walden to provide time and details to energy issues that can detour climate change as part of the 60 percent of all legislation overseen by his committee.

Barb Settles, Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer