A bad Dilbert cartoon

I have been a weekly volunteer at the Ashland Senior Center for several years, instructing seniors in the use of Apple computers and devices. Like so many Ashlanders, I feel it is important to give back to a community that values its citizens.

Unfortunately, the precipitous decision to reorganize the senior center looks more like a move by Ashland Parks and Recreation (APRC) that doesn’t care for it’s most vulnerable citizens.

Reorganization was sprung on senior center personnel without consultation or input from employees, volunteers and consumers. With only a 24-hour notice, seniors showed up in mass to a meeting called by APRC’s Michael Black to "hear" their concerns. But obviously, the decision had already been made despite the large and vocal outcry from those who use the center’s services.

Staff members at the senior center are amazing and caring people. Chris Dodson, the director, truly knows the people she serves. She is always kind and patient and sets the tone for the whole office. Everyone on staff gives each call and question the time and attention it deserves.

Somehow, this "reorganization" looks more like a bad Dilbert cartoon than a thoughtful endeavor to improve a valued service to Ashland’s seniors. Our town is getting grayer by the year. It’s time to ask for and respect the input of those who give and get services to this fast-growing age group.

Claudia Little