Rothschild not snooty

In the guest opinion of Aug. 8, “Trust OSF directors”, commenting on an earlier opinion piece by Herb Rothschild in which he takes issue with how OSF chooses to present some of Shakespeare’s plays, the author holds that “… a director’s non-binary gender diversity” pays homage to Shakespeare. The logic of that connection is difficult to follow.

Likewise, how Rothschild’s analysis of a play translates to him being a snooty, arrogant scholar escapes me. Being an “English professor” probably means the author is a scholar as well, but the few scholars I’ve known stick to the subject rather than stooping to ad hominem attacks.

For the record, despite his deep knowledge and expertise on a broad range of topics, Rothschild is the antithesis of snooty and arrogant.

John Barton


Revising the Pledge

I regret not sending in this piece before the Fourth of July, but it's good any time you need to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those of us who have difficulty reconciling our conscience with some of the wording in the Pledge of Allegiance, take heart; the insertion of one word — striving — makes it possible. Here's the outcome:

"I pledge allegiance ... one nation under God, striving toward liberty and justice for all."

Carola Lacy