What a lesson

Once again, the 4-H/FFA members are proudly showing photographs of the animals that are soon to be sold to the highest bidder. The animals, of course, will be slaughtered for their meat. Again, the 4-H message is: care for your animals, feed them well, treat them as pets. Earn their trust.

Then, when they are grown, healthy, and content, sell them to the highest bidder. So the 4-H lesson is: “Befriend the animals, gain their trust and then sell them to be slaughtered." What a lesson!

I would never let my child join the 4-H Club to learn to raise an animal only to betray it, turning it over to be slaughtered — for the going price. After all, those victim/animals wanted to live as much as any human does.

What a lesson the 4-H Club offers to children —a nd to all of us.

Ragan Cavanaugh


Stop the pipeline

At Ron Wyden's town hall in Ashland last winter, students asked the senator to oppose the new proposal for the Pacific Connector gas pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Export Project. Senator Wyden said he wanted to give the new proposal a fair hearing.

What the high school students understand, and Wyden seemingly doesn’t, is that a choice between jobs and the environment is no choice at all. What’s the point of having a job if the environment is so degraded that it can no longer support human life?

We don’t know all the details of the new proposal yet, but we do know: The planned route of the pipeline will take it through the sand dunes surrounding Coos Bay, an unstable building surface increasing the likelihood of leakage; the liquefaction facility itself will be located within the Cascadia subduction zone and its tsunami inundation zone; the gas will be sold to foreign markets; and no matter what safety precautions the company takes, destruction of habitats during construction and management and the emissions of massive climate pollution will occur. This project will push us closer to the global warming tipping point.

Canadian Pembina Pipeline Corp. plans to submit its proposal for this project in August. With the likely Trump appointment of two pro-LNG commissioners, Robert Powelson and Neil Chatterjee, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will be on schedule to approve it in November 2018.

We need to focus. Stop the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Project.

Sidney T. Brown