Congrats to School Board

Kudos to the Ashland School Board for their approach in filling a vacancy on the school board.

It was within their purview to simply pick someone and appoint them to the board. Instead they had a very open process of announcing the vacancy, sessions to answer questions, and a well structured interview process.

Not only were there three qualified candidates, the board selected a candidate who will provide additional diversity.

Kudos also to Kamilah Long for raising the importance of putting a higher priority on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The three candidates provide a great example to all of us for stepping up and running for local office.

Adrienne Simmons


Delighted with delegation

I was delighted to read about all of the state funding that Sal Esquivel and our Southern Oregon delegation secured for our community. With Sen. Alan DeBoer and Rep. Pam Marsh being fairly new to the process, it is obvious that we already have an effective team working for us. They clearly put local needs ahead of statewide political partisanship.

With the majority of Oregon’s population residing in a few counties in the Portland area, the center of gravity for political clout resides up north. Our local legislative delegation has to work hard to look out for our interests.

Because of their efforts, significant progress will be made by the Family Nurturing Center, Rogue River Valley Irrigation District, the Holly Theatre, Harry and David Field, and a Vietnam Wall in a Medford Park. Critical support for support for Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University was also brought home to the valley.

We owe our delegation a debt of gratitude for their selfless service to the state of Oregon and their efforts to bring dollars back to the Rogue Valley. Sal Esquivel is not running again, but a special thanks to him for always putting Southern Oregon first.

Randy McKay, executive director, Jefferson Live!