The 'new' Safeway

Like many people in Ashland, I was very happy when it was announced that Safeway would return. Finally, I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Albertson’s to buy reasonably priced groceries. And now, like many people in Ashland, I’ve discovered that we didn’t actually get Safeway back, we got a Market of Choice wannabe.

The fact that the ads in the paper are so misleading (one ad for Ashland, a different ad for all other Safeways in the region), is also part of my frustration. I talked at length to a young lady in Customer Service about the whole situation and she told me that it is a “corporate decision” to tout the Ashland Safeway as a specialty store, and despite numerous pleas from the store employees, the head office doesn’t want to listen. I told her to convey to them that customers are annoyed and are likely to stop shopping there.

What brought this to a head was a Safeway sale paper advertising cherries for $1.77 a pound. In the Ashland store they’re $4.93 a pound. I was, however, able to get them to charge me the lower price. Don’t get me wrong, the items they stock are fine, I have no problem with the quality, I do have a problem with the notion that Ashland is a wealthy community that doesn’t care how much its groceries cost.

Chris Amorelli


Food Project says thanks

The Ashland Food Project June pickup resulted in exceeding 1 million pounds of food donated to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank since the project’s inception in 2009.

Approximately 2,400 households throughout Ashland donate an average of 29,500 of nonperishable food and hundreds of dollars for perishable food every other month.

This would not be possible without the support of the 15 district and 150 neighborhood coordinators that collect our bright-green bags filled with food from your doorsteps six times a year. With your help, we are building community, sharing food and aiding those in need in Ashland.

We want to thank our donors for their generosity — and encourage everyone else to become an Ashland Food Project food donor today at or send an email to

Eliza Kauder, Ashland Food Project Steering Committee