Time to rename road

I was driving past Dead Indian Memorial Road Wenesday afternoon and had to pull over in relief and disbelief: Someone had painted over "Dead," leaving Indian Memorial Road. Hallelujah!

It's time to officially change that dreadful name. Not as a way of hiding the horrendous history of white settlers murdering native people and stealing their land, but to put an end to this sign that silently appears to threaten the lives of native peoples today. I'd love the native communities of this area to rename the road as they wish. Something that honors, instead of threatens.

I'm calling on our county commissioners to get the process rolling, and invite you to do the same.

Keely Meagan


Parents support Long

As actors at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with two children in the Ashland School District, we are proud to give Kamilah Long our full-throated and heartfelt endorsement for appointment to the Ashland District School Board.

We first got to know Kamilah when she and her teenage son moved in next door shortly after our own arrival to Ashland four years ago. Virtually overnight, Kamilah became a dear and cherished friend to us and to our children. As our paths crossed at work and at home, it soon became clear that Kamilah was not just our friend, she was a friend to everyone she encountered. We believe her emotional intelligence and intellectual acuity, her openness of heart and generosity of spirit, and her palpable sense of purpose in everything she applies herself to, will benefit the students, parents, staff, administration and other school board members.

It is Ashland’s gift to have Kamilah enhance its social fabric, and it is the Ashland School District’s rare privilege to have the opportunity to appoint Kamilah to the board’s open seat. Just as Kamilah has improved the quality of life for all of us at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and in the larger Ashland community, she will improve the quality of our children’s education as a member of the School Board.

Michael Gabriel Goodfriend and Nancy Rodriguez