Equity should be priority

As members of the Ashland Interfaith Clergy Circle, we work daily to support our member families to thrive as whole and beautiful people, equally deserving of dignity and value in the places they live, work and learn. These families vary widely in race, religion, language, ethnicity, economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation and political conviction. Their experiences tell us that unexamined bias and systemic discrimination are hampering a school environment in which all may equitably learn. Hate speech is alive and well. And it’s hurting our youth.

We urge the Ashland City School Board to use the unexpected opportunity of a mid-term vacancy to appoint a new member who has the cultural competency to help the district take concrete action, in the near term, to fully implement the district’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan. We insist on this not only as spiritual leaders in this community, but also as parents.

Every year another class of our community’s children graduates. Effective action for equity, diversity and inclusion cannot wait.

The Ashland Interfaith Clergy Circle: Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, Temple Emek Shalom; the Rev. Christina Kukuk, First Congregational UCC; the Rev. Paula Sohl, First Congregational UCC; Rabbi David Zaslow, Havurah Shir Hadash; the Rev. Dan Fowler, First Presbyterian Church; the Rev. Elizabeth Olson

 Ask why

Handicapped children will be cut from Medicaid, yet we send money to nations that hate and wish to destroy America?

Write your senators and representatives and ask why.

Gordon Morris Self