Climax of the scam

We are now approaching the climax of the “small government” scam that began some 50 years ago in the bowels of corporate think tanks. Touted as such for the easily duped, its goal is to undermine democracy and protective laws.

It frees the greed-driven powers to ravage the commons, which were once protected by government. (Remember when public airwaves were actually public and scientists were the ones to make scientific decisions?) Well, in the new “up is down” world, fossil fuel lobbyists are being installed by Trump to replace scientists, ignorant people to replace educators, and health care bills now promote illness.

Walden has played an integral part in this travesty with his plan to deprive more Americans of health care so that the richest can get even richer. He is also being paid very well to help the largest communication companies like Verizon limit our access to information by eliminating net neutrality.

But Walden’s most evil act to date is to brazenly favor dirty energy over clean, which will hasten world-wide death. And make no mistake; this is a matter of morality, not intellect. Walden has become a pro-death acolyte, genuflecting before the crazed and world killing darkness that is Trump.

Lee Lull


We must resist

Forget Trump’s pathological lying; his racism; bigotry; sexism; hatred; ignorance; incompetence; stumbling toward World War III; anti-science attitudes; destruction of our environment, clean air and clean water for greed; narcissism; focus on self-enhancement; utter disregard for the constitution; and assault on democracy.

Although we are encouraged to tone down our opposition, we cannot overlook the sheer cruelty of this president and the GOP. When Democrats try to redress the obscene income inequality in this country they are accused of redistributing wealth from wealthy to low income Americans as though this is a crime.

Now this sham of a health care bill, aptly labeled TrumpNoCare, deprives tens of millions of Americans of access to insurance. But, its primary purpose is different: the redistribution of wealth from middle- and low-income Americans to the already wealthy.

It will yank health care away from fellow Americans served by Medicaid (the aging, poor, and disabled) and cause many deaths. The absolute anti-Christian (or any religion for that matter) selfish inhumanity of this president and Republican supporters is galling.

If we let Trump steer our ship into an iceberg, we’ll all go down with him. We must resist with every fiber of our being.

Paula Perez Costas


Expand imaginations

Is Trump aware one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, a professor at MIT, has named him “most violent terrorist group ever?”

Trump, after selling his yacht for $28 million to the king, sold $154 billion in arms to the Saudi Arabian king to bomb Yemen. Currently Yemen is dealing with starvation and cholera, so President Donald Trump has sold $154 billion in arms to the Saudis to attack them with. The leader of the GOP has decided every problem needs a “hammer.”

Oregon’s famous poet, William Stafford, once said, “Violence is the behavior of people who lack imagination.” Violence, a well financed method used by the Pentagon, is the lowest method used by humans.

Time has come to expand our imaginations, as The Beatles' John Lennon sang. Come on health care, not warfare, GOP!

Marie Griffith