Walden needs to lead

Just received Rep. Greg Walden's update. He says he's helping veterans get the services they deserve, but I'm dismayed that he left health care a mess for the rest of us.

The health care bill sent to the Senate by Walden is clearly not one that will meet American's need for affordable and reliable coverage. The Senate has made an even worse mess of it and it appears to be going down in flames.

Why doesn't Walden provide the leadership to bring the two parties together in a bipartisan health plan that can pass both houses and get signed by the president? We have to both pay for the plan and provide the care that people need, including mental health coverage, women's health, help with addiction, etc.

Why not keep some of the Obamacare taxes on the wealthy so we can afford a plan that will give people comprehensive coverage? Why not require folks to have health insurance in the same way we require auto and homeowner's insurance?

Every family eventually needs to cover major medical expenses in the same way we need to protect our homes and protect other drivers and pedestrians on the road in the event of a crash. This is a concept that the majority of Americans understand and that our representative needs to help make a reality.

Larry Cooper