Desperate for control

The proponent of a gas export facility at Jordan Cove and a feeder pipeline from Malin to Coos Bay stole public records from libraries in Southern Oregon.

Veresen, a Canadian multinational corporation, appears desperate for control of information about its export plan. Even if past analysis of effects to people and environment is “obsolete,” that is not a good reason to confiscate public records over the objection of a librarian.

Last year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected the gas export plan because it serves no public interest and would confiscate private property. FERC did not address 379 river and stream crossings of the new pipeline.

Jay Lininger


Some sanity left

About little are climate scientists more confident than that global warming is happening at an alarming rate and that human-induced emissions of climate pollution is responsible. This phenomenon poses an existential threat to humanity because climate projections suggest greenhouse gas emissions may dramatically compromise not only global natural systems and biodiversity, but also agriculture, fisheries and forestry across the planet.

There are very few, if any, concepts that are endorsed by as high a percentage of the scientists practicing the discipline (97 percent), by every professional scientific society and academy of science expressing an opinion, and by every nation on the planet besides Nicaragua, Syria, and now — thanks to this callous, indifferent, and self-centered president — the United States.

Fortunately, there is still some sanity left in the country. Within hours of the president’s announcement, 10 governors (including Oregon’s Kate Brown) and 61 mayors across the country indicated they would commit to upholding the goals of the Paris Agreement. Simultaneously, CEOs of many major multinational and U.S. corporations expressed disappointment in the president’s decision.

Our Legislature can assure Oregon stays on track with Paris targets by passing HB 2135, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill. Encourage your representatives to support this bill.

Ashland leads the region in addressing climate change; rejecting the Paris Agreement does not represent Ashland values. The mayor and City Council would join the other sane cities across the nation and pledge to support the Paris goals; these are the essence of the Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan.

Kathy Conway