Long is impressive

I am very pleased that Kamilah Long is standing up for our nomination to the Ashland School Board. I have heard her speak several times, and I am deeply impressed with her clarity, her knowledge of how we can create equity and safety in our schools for all children, and her passion and energy to do the work required.

I am confident that Ashland will take this critical step, to bring focus to the resolution of bullying and other threats to students in our schools. After talking with many parents and teachers in a number of other cities, I realize the our problem is not simply local. This is an issue for our society that has come to a head and is impacting our children in very damaging ways.

I believe the parents and citizens of Ashland are willing to step out and offer students programs to build tolerance and compassion, to create understanding across the gaps that have grown between groups in our society. Ashland can be a leader, to show we will be a town of peace and social justice.

I look forward to our getting to know Kamilah better and participating in supporting her to support our children. The time to gather together as Ashlanders who care is now. Let's stand with her, and stand for our kids.

Lauren Jinshil Oliver