Senator DeBoer needs your help

The Joint Committee on Tax Reform in Salem has devised an outstanding plan to provide both cost containment and tax reform. This plan provides an exceptional opportunity to re-establish a greater fairness in Oregon’s tax system, to create greater stability in tax revenue, to start solving PERS’ insolvency and to make meaningful gains in cost containment. More specifically, it will:

Increase business income tax by only 1 percent for 2017-2018, before repealing the business income tax altogether in 2019 and replacing it with a commercial activity tax that would impose an incredibly low tax rate of 0.15 percent to 0.75 percent for businesses grossing more than $3 million; reduce income tax rates for low- and middle-income families.
Provide broad based cost containment, including PERS costs.
Adequately fund schools.
Adequately fund health care and preserve Medicaid for 350,000 Oregonians.

Our senator, Alan DeBoer, is key to the passage of this legislation. He needs his constituents’ encouragement ASAP to become the all-important 18th vote in the Senate. You can contact him today to let him know that supporting this plan is the best way he can keep his campaign promises: or by phone at 503-986-1703.

David Lane


Hypocrisy starts at the top

Hypocrisy is pretense or sham; a false appearance of virtue or goodness. The Republican Party perfectly demonstrates this condition.

They claim to be guided by the Constitution, but only when it’s convenient for their political goals. Donald Trump, at the top of the pyramid, is a prime example of hypocrisy — time and again arguing on the campaign trail that he would protect health care, for example, only to reverse his position completely when he gained the presidency.

Now he’s pushing Republicans to support the American No-health Care Act. Instead of protecting Americans, he’s decided to deny millions insurance by the Affordable Care Act. He’s sacrificing millions of low-income people, all in order to provide tax breaks for billionaires.

What is it going to take for us to wake up and demand fair treatment from the leaders of this country? Their attitudes reflect bullying hostility and antipathy toward vulnerable Americans.

Trisha Vigil