Keep recorder elected

In response to Tuesday's guest opinion I am peeking my head out from retirement.

Please keep the city recorder position elected. The opinion submitted by two past city administrators (in respect to Brian Almquist) is really all about control and power. This position provides checks and balances in ways that no other staff person can provide. I cannot stress enough how valuable this is to the citizens in our community.

The comments provided in regards to the subcommittee are biased. The committee consisted only of these two city administrators, Councilor Seffinger, one budget committee member and myself. At the very first meeting it is was very clear that pre-conceived decisions had already been made and the information provided was extremely biased with false information that led the discussion. I chose not to participate in this sham of a committee.

To insinuate (I am sure this portion of the opinion was from Mr. Kanner) that the minutes "disappeared" is insulting. One only needs to know how to access the thousands of documents made available to the public by the city recorder to prove this statement false and misleading.

I ask you, the citizens of our community, not to be blindly led to give up the only elected position that resides in City Hall. If you do, there is no going back.

To prove a point about control, check to see if the appointed city recorder has been given back the treasury duties as set by city charter. Who is signing the checks issued by the city? Look into how many duties have been reassigned in the absence of a city recorder in the past two months. Ask how administration is going to justify reducing staff in this office by eliminating the assistant position.

The only real control is through the budget and administration denying a working relationship with this office. This has happened and will continue to strip this office if you do not pay attention to what is happening.

Thank you. I will now go back to my retirement until the next guest opinion.

Barbara Christensen, city recorder 1994 to 2017