Masking the issues

Herb Rothschild's excellent column marking the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands mentions a local anti-Semite.

Because of Herb's work to raise awareness of the catastrophe visited by Israel on Palestinian people in the quest for a homeland for Jews, he knows this man personally. Many in this community also know him. He has run for mayor and produced programs on public access TV to also call attention to the same terrible situation.

Serious and determined, very bright, no one can dismiss his efforts as wrong in intention or substance. But, he is polarized about Jews, as Herb noted. Why?

Again, as Herb noted, his failure to maintain the distinction between Zionists and Judaism tends to mask the issues and allows apologists for Israel to avoid addressing the injustice. And polarization works to keep people intentionally blind.

I urge Ashland citizens to become more aware by joining Jewish Voice for Peace. The JVP event on the Plaza all day June 3 will be an important opportunity to better understand these matters.

Louis Urban Kohler