Corruption and insanity

Remember the Bush-Cheney golden oldies: "Mission Accomplished," an attack coming in "the form of a mushroom cloud," "your problem is living in a reality based universe — we create our own reality."

Their lies and pro-business anti-environmental and anti-human health policies cost money and lives across the planet. It is still difficult to understand how they garnered enough votes to occupy the White House for eight years.

Fast forward to the Trump administration promoting "alternative facts" and building policy on the basis of lies while dedicating themselves to suppressing science and destroying our environment, our health and our health care for profits. Undergoing an accelerating and expanding investigation suggesting the campaign involved collusion with a foreign entity, they promote the interests of family Trump and fellow billionaires rather than hard-working Americans.

Even though the Trump campaign advertised that this would be the result, still a few individuals cannot see the self-serving incompetence and ignorance that is this White House. Some are even still willing to defend their corruption and insanity.

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could make the Bush/Cheney years seem less destructive and ruinous of the reputation of the U.S. than they were, but Number 45 is achieving it!

At least Ashland can boast a City Council and a state representative, if not a state senator, who understand science and the issues. Our state needs more local representatives such as these.

Alan Journet