We must resist

“Drop dead” and “Get lost” are unhelpful responses many of us historically have heard. With Trump, these dismissals are back!

The Declaration of Independence guarantees "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Two of these require health, from which we must infer access to decent health care is part of the deal.

While developed and civilized nations across the globe offer quality health care at reasonable cost to residents, the U.S. has consistently failed miserably to provide this. The Affordable Care Act, though flawed, was the closest we came.

But now, in its thirst for ever more obscene tax cuts for the wealthy, the GOP has basically told us: “Drop Dead!” The TrumpNoCare Plan will result in loss of coverage for millions, and inevitably death for many.

And then there’s the livability of our planet. Both science and our own senses tell us we are on the road to disastrous climate change unless we act. Yet the same GOP promotes fake news, alternative facts (lies), suppresses science, rejects understanding and hastens catastrophe. To our kids and their kids, the GOP says, “Get lost!”

We must resist; we must overthrow this treasonous and corrupt occupying force and its enabling GOP Congress.

Paula Perez Costas