KSKQ full-power since 2011

Thanks for the report on independent media week. It highlighted the importance of local and independent media makers in the Rogue Valley, the country and the world.

I want to correct just one error. KSKQ community radio has been a full-power station since 2011. We broadcast with 560 watts at 89.5 FM and now have a translator in Medford at 94.1 FM. People can listen to us from Weed to Lake of the Woods and Ashland to Rogue River.

Michael Niemann, KSKQ volunteer


Syria: one more war

Just as we are finally (after 15 years) getting out of our last war, our new president has decided to get us into another one. We in the United States love to think of ourselves as peace-loving people. And yet, utilizing our Department of Offense (ironically named "Defense"), we are the aggressors of the world, having bombed over 50 countries since the end of World War II (1945), and having been at war 27 of the past 56 years.

One thing that our new president had repeatedly said throughout his "America first" campaign is that we are not going to get involved in "stupid wars."

Our involvement in the wars in Vietnam and in Iraq started small, like this, with just dropping some bombs. Those wars have cost us trillions of dollars. Meanwhile, here in the United States many complain about the high taxes and huge deficits, and others complain that we have people without access to health care, shortages of funding for education, homeless people walking the streets, people caught in perpetual joblessness, and our infrastructure — roads and bridges continuing to fall apart.

War is just a three-letter word for intentional murder of hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of men, women and children. Just as in this case, there is always a "reason," that is the given as the rationalization for war. But as wars drag on and lives, families, and communities are destroyed, often the rationale isn't even remembered or wasn’t the truth, and in retrospect seems trivial compared to the devastation created.

Don't kid yourself. We cannot just drop a few bombs without any retaliation. When will we recognize that: “For every action there is a reaction”? We are not even certain which side of the Syrian war are the good guys or the bad guys. But, we do know that two world powers — Russia and Iran — are supporting the side we just bombed. As was well stated "War is hell." What is it that convinces us to exacerbate or support it.

There is always a reason why one group of people are convinced to murder others. But, we don’t have to be part of it.

Barry Thalden