Walden's fingerprints

Our Congressman's fingerprints are all over the recent “Repeal/Replace” legislation, something so poorly conceived that it never came to a vote. Greg Walden was a major author of that debacle of a bill. His bill (“Waldencare”?) would have left millions of low-income people without insurance, while — get this — giving huge tax breaks for the very, very wealthy.

Now Greg’s gone and done it again! At the urging of big GOP donors, he’s voted to repeal our Internet privacy protections. These are protections that even extreme conservatives say were among of the best things to come out of the Obama years.

Twenty years ago, freshman Congressman Walden was a decent guy, a relatively moderate-conservative. Since then, like a jellyfish, he’s drifted off into a distant current, where only the desires of the rich and powerful seem to matter.

Will voters continue to fall for this, election after election? "You can fool some of the people all of the time.” But, maybe some folks might try reading true, principled conservative columnists such as Michael Gerson, Kathleen Parker and Jennifer Rubin. They gave Obama hell for eight years. Today, their disgust at the cynicism of Trump, Ryan and Walden is profound.

Jeff LaLande


Stop hiring trapper

As a scientist and long-term resident, I have written to the Jackson County commissioners to request that the county desist from hiring a trapper to maim and kill wildlife.

The methods employed (which we are informed include poison bombs, steel traps and strangle snares) are dangerous and cruel. Further, as there is no solid science showing that wildlife constitute any significant threat to human health and safety, the county's move to hire the trapper is an abuse of public funds.

Science shows that harassment and killing of wildlife is devastating for these dwindling species, undermines human well-being and perpetuates a culture of violence. Before engaging in costly and barbaric acts, it is incumbent on public officials to rigorously prove that these measures are scientifically justified, evaluated and made public.

Gay Bradshaw