A new mobile marijuana-trimming venture is an example of the power of entrepreneurship — and another reason not to retreat from the economic benefits of marijuana legalization.

Ashland High School graduate Jai Armstrong, seeing a need in the burgeoning industry, has joined with four partners to launch Trimcamp, a mobile service that provides commercial marijuana growers with trained, state-licensed bud trimmers who show up with a specially equipped truck, process the grower's crop and supply their own portable toilets and electricity.

The trimmers are screened and hired locally, relieving growers of the hassle of employing their own trimming crews. Doing their own hiring means dealing with itinerant young people known as "trimmigrants" who move from farm to farm, camp out on growers' land and bring their own set of problems. They may be unreliable, and they can leave a mess behind.

Oregon's new recreational marijuana industry is just taking shape after voters legalized possession and use by adults in 2014. Tax revenue is flowing into state coffers, and entrepreneurs like Armstrong are emerging to fill the needs of growers and others in the business. And they are providing local jobs in the process.

After a hands-off approach during Barack Obama's presidency, the Trump administration is threatening to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana use. That would be shortsighted.

Whether you support or oppose the use of marijuana, legalization is the wave of the future, bringing jobs with it. The federal government should stay out of the way.