Thank you, Ashland!

Ashland Community Resource Center thanks Ashland, its city leaders, our social services partners and the citizens of Ashland for enabling ACRC to serve our neighbors suffering from poverty and homelessness. With your support we have passed our third anniversary.

We are grateful to city government, which awarded ACRC start-up funds of $100,000 and ongoing support of $70,000 for operational costs in 2015-17. Last year these funds covered 30 percent of our budget.

We thank the 361 citizens who have given directly to ACRC, and our parent, Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland. With the $60,000 you donated, we were able to help people in danger of losing their homes to stay in their homes, and we were able to move our unhoused friends toward economic self-sufficiency. Your generosity provided 40 percent of our budget.

We are honored to serve this community,

Leigh Madsen, executive director, ACRC


A profound work of art

Humanity, it seems, is finally waking up. A young black woman from Olympia, Washington, Naima Lowe, has created the most brilliant and profound piece of artwork ever created by a human being. It’s titled “thirty-nine [39] questions for WHITE PEOPLE” and is now on display at the Medford Branch Library.

As I read through these questions I’m stunned into speechlessness and my heart is broken open by every one of them. And the last question brings them all to the point we humans must finally and fully acknowledge and accept: that love is everyone’s natural essence and has everything to do with everything in the whole universe. And, if we don’t all start conducting ourselves in alignment with this truth, this love, we are soon to be relegated to simply a sad memory in the history of the world.

I don’t think it matters who gets credit for bringing profound truth (love) to our attention. All that really matters is that we all simply accept the truth and start living our lives according to it.

Jackson Mayes (a white man)