Health care reform debate

News stories now inundate us with emotional tales of those who will suffer if Republican plans are enacted. Although the examples are true, be aware that in any major reform of our medical system there will be those who experience problems; they are the inevitable exceptions to any reform, including Obamacare.

Understand this: Conservatives are not unsympathetic to the legitimate needs of all citizens. What we believe is that a free market of interstate insurers along with tort reform will provide overall lower costs for medical care through competition, expanded risk pools and sensible restraints on medical lawsuit practices.

Further, understand this: The Declaration of Independence limits "unalienable rights” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., entitlement to the free use of the fruits of one's labors and/or property). Medical care, housing, and education are not unalienable rights; they are reasonable contractual entitlements provided by laws enacted under the Constitution.

Liberal progressives, motivated by empathy and collectivism, want the government to give entitlements to all (with others' money!). Conservatives, motivated by sympathetic reason and individual responsibility (not greed), want to assist those in real need, and to empower success for those who can accept their personal responsibility.

George Mozingo