How we can do it

How can we create affordable housing in Ashland and solve the downtown parking problem?

Move the Shakespeare Festival to Klamath Falls. That will get 300,000 people off our streets each summer and make walking downtown bearable again.

Real estate prices will plummet, families with children will return and it will stem the tide of wealthy, entitled, horn-honking retirees from California.


Pete Toogood


Remembering Rachel Corrie

Thursday will be 14 years since American human rights activist Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli military bulldozer. Her story, told worldwide in the play “My Name is Rachel Corrie,” reminds us that injustice is always the issue when it comes to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

In a previous letter, I reviewed how Israel’s policies are deemed apartheid by the South African Human Sciences Research Council (and no one knows more about apartheid than the South Africans!). But since Israel benefits financially so much from its occupation and since the U.S. protects Israeli diplomatically, financially and militarily due to the power, wealth and influence of the Israel lobby, no progress toward justice has been made.

To remedy this moral obscenity, the Palestinians themselves have called for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with its three demands, which are all grounded in international law: an end to the occupation, full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel and justice for Palestinian refugees as stipulated under U.N. Resolution 194. Justice-minded people throughout Palestine/Israel and the U.S. agree that BDS is the most effective way to combat Israeli religious racism and its denial of basic human rights to the Palestinian population living under its control.

So when we read about states trying to stifle free speech/BDS through unconstitutional laws, know that history is against them. BDS will help bring justice for the Palestinians just like it did in apartheid South Africa, and that’s why it’s supported by Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) and numerous other groups which all place justice ahead of ethnic/religious allegiance. Supporting BDS against apartheid Israel is the best way to honor Rachel’s sacrifice. Please join me.

Gene Robbins