Call it Waldencare

No one likes the Paul Ryan replacement for the ACA (aka Obamacare). Republicans have formed a circular firing squad, disagreeing on just how far they should go in stripping you and your families of any kind of health care insurance at all (Ryan thinks the very concept of an insurance pool is unfair and untenable).

Trumpcare, Swampcare, Ryancare (so many names for such a cynical joke of plan) will cover almost no one and will, in the opinion of many (even those who are no proponent of the ACA), likely crash the individual market altogether. The only apparent benefactors are the rich, who would get quite a tax break out of it.

And who is at the head of the pack, grinning alongside Paul Ryan? Our very own Oregon District 2 representative, Greg Walden. I wonder what’s in it for him, because there sure isn’t anything in it for his constituents. Maybe we should call it Waldencare.

Vicki Fox


Shame on them

Trump and the Republican Party want to do away with regulations because they say these regulations are slowing down our business community. These regulations are in place in trying to make us all safe, but still a lot of companies try to get around these regulations.

Do the people of Ashland want to be protected from forest fires, or do you want certain people to become richer?

There is a bill before our Oregon Legislature, SB 557, to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. I hope Sen. Alan DeBoer can see the forest through the trees.

We are about to be hit by a giant tidal wave of heat caused by global warming and what are Republicans going to do about it? National Republicans want to lessen the EPA and I say shame on them!

Bruce Bauer