'Camping' fine utterly sad

How completely and utterly sad and embarrassing for the people of Ashland to fine these young folks $111 for"camping" in their van, when they obviously needed place to sleep and don't have that kind of money in the firstt place. Especially when the article stated the police didn't share any information about local assistance for homeless here.

Is this really how we want to treat our youths — the next generation to uphold the ideas of love and compassion for all? Which is what I believe is necessary to keep our society, more than ever before, sane!

I truly doubt I am alone here in my thinking in good 'ol "liberal" Ashland. But liberal to a certain point it seems.

Where, if your vehicle is broken down and you've nowhere else to sleep and no one has offered a free, safe alternative; sleeping in your vehicle for one night — I certainly hesitate to call that "camping"! You will be fined a lot of money.

Wow, is our town needing a compassion wake-up call!

Rael Reif


Where's the transparency?

When Obamacare (the ACA) was being formulated in 2010, Rep. Greg Walden demanded transparency in negotiations, stating, “The press, public, and members of Congress deserve to see the negotiations between the House and Senate bills.”

Now, as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he is hiding the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare as though it were top secret. Not even Republican Sen. Rand Paul is allowed to see the bill! The Congressional Budget Office has not been allowed to determine its cost, and a vote to approve this secret bill may occur as soon as March 8.

If anything, this bill will have even more effect on patients than Obamcare, and it certainly should be thoroughly publicly aired before any votes are cast. Considering Walden's stance in 2010, anything less would make him appear to be a hypocrite.

David Lane


I welcome all immigrants

I welcome all immigrants with open arms: The Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and the little ones. All are welcome to come into my world.

I receive every immigrant with a loving embrace: The Mexicans, Syrians, Yemenites, and the tiny ones who are waiting for just the right moment to enter.

Everyone is honored, no one turned away — whether they're strong ones coming across the Atlantic, the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico, of whether they're helpless tiny ones crossing the warm, shadowy waters of the womb.

Everyone is welcome in my world.

A. Rosen